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We manufacture and carry only the best, high quality, industry standard supplies and equipment for film, theatre, photography, cosplay, medical, and military simulations. We're a 5 star brand with worldwide kudos to back it up.

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  • Blood

    Our washable Bleeding Art Industries blood has been used on Game of Thrones, Wolves Unleashed, Black SummerHell on WheelsHeartland, in Evil Dead: The Musical, Wynonna Earp, and is used all over the world by filmmakers, production designers, medical practitioners, military personnel, photographers, haunted houses, gore fans and many others. 

  • Bruise Powder

    "We've been using Bleeding Arts' Bruise powder as a regular part of our work at the Medical Skills Centre at the Cumming School of medicine. From regular work with medical student cases right up through simulated mass trauma days, this powder has been an invaluable time-saver and produces a great visual effect. I could not recommend it more highly." - H. Kerbes

  • Gift Cards

    We know how hard it can be to buy for some people. Take the guessing out and buy them a Bleeding Art Gift Card in one or more of 4 denominations: $10, $25, $50, and $100. There is no expiry date and your special someone can pick the items they want to buy - not what you think they want. We will email you a digital card that you can print off on whatever stock you choose, we can send a hard copy out to you.

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