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Check out MorfWax - the latest creation and addition to our high quality Bleeding Art Industries branded products.

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On Friday June 15 from 2 to 3:30 pm we’re opening up the doors to our Calgary-based studio for an exclusive guided behind the scenes tour. After 2 years of sold out Beakerhead events this is your chance to go deeper. 

CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket

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When I started in this business, I thought flocking was something that you put onto fake animals for their fur. This is still somewhat true but nowadays there are so many more cool applications for flocking. Over the years we’ve supplied flocking to special effects departments, make-up and prosthetics artists and technicians, wardrobe departments…you name it. So, what is flocking you [...]

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Every Christmas holiday season, we create a Krampus-themed greeting. If you're not familiar with Krampus, he is a horned demonic figure from Germanic folk lore. He is the companion to St. Nicholas and the one who inflicts punishment on the wicked. Hope you enjoy our 2017 greeting GIF below....and the special holiday packages we've put together for you. [...]

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The dark force of Black Friday/Cyber Monday is hard to resist when you have a retail store. Because our pricing is already quite low, we rarely have a sale, and didn't want to jump on the bandwagon with the mass of retailers out there. But this year resistance was futile and we’ve decided to join [...]

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