PUMP UP THE COOL - 6 Ways to Zombie-Up this Halloween

PUMP UP THE COOL - 6 Ways to Zombie-Up this Halloween

Love that costume – but wore it last year… Zombify it. Looks great but just isn’t cool enough…Zombify it. Bleeding Art has everything you need to Z-up your look this Halloween. With our unique Bruise Powder, Grime, Blood Jam and a bottle of our Bleeding Art Blood your Z- look is easy to achieve.

  1. Our professional makeup artist clients rave about our unique and super easy to use Bruise Powder. Just a small amount on your fingertip applied with light pressure becomes a very realistic bruise instantly.
  2. Our Grime will give your skin that lovely greenish undertone that all Zombies hope for on their special day.
  3. Add a bit of BAI Blood – we recommend aged blood for a true Zombie look with a dollop of Blood Jam to up the gore factor.
  4. Dip into our BAI Slime for those that like to get messy.
  5. Our Colour Me Dirty sticks are great for distressing your costume to pass the Zombie fashion critic.
  6. It’s so much fun to play – have a pre-party Zombie Face Fest with your friends. Get your Zombie face on before you head out to celebrate.

We’re excited to tell you that one of our Calgary retail distributors -  The Costume Shoppe - has expanded their makeup section and is now carrying a full range of Bleeding Art products so our Calgary fans can shop on evenings and weekends. You can also call us and place your order and we will have it ready at The Costume Shoppe for you to pick up the next day.

You can also find our makeup in Calgary at Chuckles, in Edmonton at Theatre Garage and in Vancouver at Just Imagine Fun Clothing.

Or visit our online store here or drop by our Calgary location if you're in the city. 

And for those of you hosting haunted house parties this Halloween ask us about our super realistic film and TV props to buy or rent or our Cobweb Spray.

Halloween is our favourite day to play. We Create Very Scary COOL.

We love to hear from you – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and email us anytime at info@bleedingartindustries.com. And if you're using our blood or other products for Halloween, feel free to post photos on our social media sites with the hashtags: #bleedart #bleedingartindustries #wecreatecool

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