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For over two decades we've been creating cool stuff in our funky little space in Calgary's Foothills Industrial Park in Alberta, Canada. Making high quality products has always been our thing; the alternative is not an option.

Our Bleeding Art Industries brand products include liquid stage blood, blood jam, costume breakdown sticks, morfwax, slime, Get Wet (a product that makes your clothes look wet when they're not), blood puddles, and more. We make them in small batches and with non-toxic ingredients. Our products are so sought after by professionals and hobbyists alike that we sell worldwide and have dealers who are our best ambassadors: Calgary's The Costume Shoppe; Edmonton's Theatre Garage; Newfoundland's Stage and Studio Supply; Toronto's Rotblotts; and Australia's Sydney Wardrobe Supplies. The multi-talented artist, model, and designer Visha Loo has been using our products for years and will use nothing else.

If you're looking for a brand you can trust, people you can actually reach, and a company that has an established reputation for making good products, then we're the one for you. Check us out on our online store here. You can also see some of the other things we get up to if you go to our main website here

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