Little Blizzard Snow Machine

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The Little Blizzard® SP/DMX is whisper quiet and is a high quality, industry standard mchine that can run continuously without overheating. It has a flake size adjustment paddle, two-speed motor, remote control and DMX on-board. Full digital volume control adds precision to DMX or remote control with 25' cord (7.62m). The round opening increases output 20%. Heavy-duty powder coating reduces sound and rust. Includes mounting bracket. Seen in: Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe By adding fans to blow the snow produced out of the Little Blizzard, flakes of snow that would normally just fall because of water weight, become lightweight to float longer and stay airborne. Like magic, the floating flakes fly 2000% further taking up a huge area over 75’ x 100’. Law and Order Peter from Atlantic Coastal Effects has worked on many major motion pictures with J.C. Street now doing the special effects for Law and Order. “I think you ought to get an Academy Award for your Little Blizzard SP. I can have a few of these machines on a set and not have any mess to clean up, yet the director thinks I’m making magic happen with beautiful floating snow that’s easy.” Specifications: 100236 (230V P/N 100235); Little BlizzardTM SP P/N 100250 (230V P/N 100255) Dimensions: 20" x 10" x 12" (51 cm x 25 cm x 30 cm) Weight: 30 lb (14 kg) Shipping Weight: 35 lb (16 kg) Shipping Box Size: 25" x 15" x 16" (64 cm x 38 cm x 41 cm) Snowflake control options: Pump Volume Control, Two-speed Fan and Flake Size Adjuster lever Remote Control: On/off and volume control 0-100% Remote Control cable: 25 ft (7.6 m) Sound: Little BlizzardTM: 71 - 75 db; Little BlizzardTM SP: 60 - 65 db Fluid: CITC Little Blizzard FluidTM available in Long-Lasting, Dry, Extra-Dry, Dry 100 & Ultraviolet Run Time: Continuously Electrical Supply: 120 VAC/60Hz - 10 A; 230 VAC/50Hz - 5 A Fuse: 120VAC - 10A/250 V 5x20 mm; 230VAC - 5A/250V 5x20 mm CE approved: CE approved parts Limited Warranty: One year Here's a video from a company Christmas party showing the snowflakes floating down from a Little Blizzard machine (see 1:04 and 1:14 in the video):