Paper Snow

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Full Size, chemical free (FSX) 100% biodegradable. Particles average between 2mm/5mm. Does not contain chlorine or any other chemical. Safe, eco-friendly product. Contains recycled materials. 12 kg bag This specially milled, paper (cellulose) snow material is developed for use on outdoor locations. It is entirely chemical free, meaning that it is safe to use on grass and foliage and will not cause harm to the environment. Ideal for simulating settled snow, FSX is designed for creating deep, heavy drifted snow for areas where interaction is required, whether it is for tyre tracks, footprints, or a snowball fight. FSX can be hand dressed over small areas but we recommend calling in our skilled technicians to dress larger areas where they will use specialist equipment to lay the product. On set it can be used to simulate falling snow, the dust content making it particularly good for 'heavy' blizzards. Please note this product needs clearing. To aid clear up we recommend this product is used in conjunction with a snow blanket. Coverage: 1 bag will cover approx 10 square metres @ 1cm depth.