Tattoo Transfer Paper (set of 10 sheets)

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The Transfer Paper set comes with a water slide sheet and an acetate sheet. Available in packs of 10x 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, the Tattoo Transfer Paper allows you to make painless high quality tattoos. Available separately, a light stippling of Pros-Aide applied over the transfer helps seal the tattoo. Pros-Aide is also needed to attach the transfer paper to the skin when transferring the tattoo. TATTOO TRANSFER PAPER INSTRUCTIONS 1. Any image that is for public use and not copyrighted or your own original image, can be printed onto this paper from your computer. 2. Print the image on the shiny side of the transfer paper. 3. Cut out the image as close to the image as possible. 4. Paint adhesive (Pros-Aide is recommended but spirit gum works as well) on image side of paper. 5. Apply paper to skin, image side down, hold firmly, wet with small sponge or wet cloth. Hold paper firmly in place for 30 sec. 6. Peel paper off carefully. 7. Image is complete or can be enhanced, and or added to, with our KD 151 tattoo pens.