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Behind the scenes making the Skeleton Girl title

If you stayed to the very end of the film Boxtrolls when the credits were running, you got a small glimpse behind the scenes, showing the work involved in making a stop motion animated film. I like to say that the process of stop motion animation can be either deeply meditative or unbelievably tedious. Either way, it's an art form that takes a long, long time.

It took us about two years of shooting on and off between other projects to make our first stop motion film Skeleton Girl, and it's only a short film at 6 minutes and 54 seconds! We also shot it in 3D (the first film in Canada to be shot in native 3D AND stop motion animation) which meant that for every movement in the film, two shots were taken - one for the left eye and one for the right eye. The images then merge to give you 3D.

The efforts were worth it. Skeleton Girl won Best First 3D Film at its premiere in New York in 2012 at Be Film the Underground Film Festival, it was chosen as one of the top short films in Canada in 2013, and it toured to twelve film festivals around the world including San Diego Comic Con, LA Screamfest, Sitges, A Night of Horror in Sydney, Australia, and more.

We've decided to make the 2D version of the film available from our store so as many of you can access it as possible - and to get the exclusive 20 minute behind the scenes feature (only seen in one place ever!). If there was one response we got over and over from audience members, it was that there was so much going on in the film and so much to absorb visually that they wanted to see it again. We know there's a hard-core following of people who love old school stop motion and stories that have a bit of an edge to them (think Grimms fairy tales without the blood). Buy the film. Tell your friends. And let us know what you think.

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