Bleeding Art Industries aka The Pro Shop for SPFX Makeup

Bleeding Art Industries aka The Pro Shop for SPFX Makeup

The last few months have been so busy for us at Bleeding Art since we last posted a newsletter in the fall. Here’s a short list of some of the cool stuff that’s been happening at our shop:

1.We wrapped Season 10 of CBC TV’s Heartland (episodes still airing Sundays on CBC).

2.We started Season 2 of Syfy’s award-winning Wynonna Earp – we can’t reveal anything about the new season except that we guarantee you’ll see lots of exciting new mechanical special effects and prosthetics.

3.We welcomed cast member Dominique Provost-Chalkley from Wynonna Earp to our shop in early January and were thrilled when she tweeted about it afterwards.

4.We’ve been working on a fun project with Critical Mass, a Calgary-based digital communications agency with clients around the world – can’t wait to see this campaign hit the media as it put all our skills to the test.

5.We received one of our highest compliments ever when a former Calgary Police Forensic Crime Scenes Unit member said after seeing a test thumb print made with our blood:“I took a look at the fingerprint, and from over 11 years in the Crime Scenes Unit seeing a lot of blood and fingerprints, it looks amazing. The colour is perfect and it gives us the detail we are looking for.”

6.As a result of this great testimonial YouthLink at the Calgary Police Interpretive Centre contacted us for the blood they needed to make their upcoming adults only Valentine’s Day Fundraiser I BLOODY LOVE YOU as real as possible.

In fact all of our blood products, bruise powder, our new Colour Me Dirty wardrobe aging sticks are in use on productions like Wynonna, Dead Again in Tombstone, Knuckleball and Tin Star. And the fine folks at Fargo Season 3 are regular visitors to our shop.

Now it’s your turn. You too can create the exciting realism you love on stage and screen.

Have a look at our demo videos on YouTube – sure to get your creative juices flowing:

Send us your own demo pics and comments or post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We love to hear how our products are working for you.

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