Creating Cool

There's a story behind the products we sell and why we do what we do.

We've been working in theatre and film for over twenty-five years. The last twelve have been focused on building a company that creates interesting and cool things – be it a new line of bloods or Canada’s first 3D stop motion animated film. Although the delivery methods may be different and the industries diverse, our focus has always been on creating the best and coolest things we could (and that we weren’t finding elsewhere). We are active in many different fields, providing supplies and services to film, stage productions, and independent artists, and we create original, innovative, ground breaking work.

We are leaders, not followers, and we continually strive to make the best and coolest stuff we can. We don't try to make the cheapest; that's already out there, and frankly, we're personally tired of using cheap products and equipment and having them not work properly, fall apart, or look like crap. There’s an onslaught of cheap stuff out there. We’re following a new paradigm of providing quality….good, solid products that are cool and work well. We will put our names behind nothing else. We also provide exceptional service, and for our long standing clients, we'll go above and beyond to provide you with additional guidance and tips.

As you’ll see from our SHOPBLEEDINGART store, we're proud to align ourselves with other manufacturers who are also producing quality products and equipment. We want to share the products and equipment we use every day so you also have the best quality make-up or film production supplies or special effects equipment possible to work with. When you have those tools, then what you create looks and works better as well.

Thanks for visiting our site and we'll keep you posted on new products, processes, and other cool things we're up to. We love to hear from our customers, so please keep us posted (and we love photos of our customers using our products!). And if you're having any issues whatsoever with the new website please email and let her know so she can make changes where required. We're active on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram so check us out and keep in touch.

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