Custom made bloods make the grade in Wynonna Earp

Custom made bloods make the grade in Wynonna Earp

There are lots of fake bloods on the market. How does one know what will work best? Instead of making one's own, buying from a company that actually uses the blood in film, TV and other entertainment applications knows intimately what works and what doesn't and can provide some guidance and expertise in deciding what one to go with. 

But first, a bit of background. The SyFy channel recently premiered its latest series Wynnona Earp. The graphic novel based story is about the great granddaughter of gun-slinger Wyatt Earp. Wynonna has been away from her home town of Purgatory, but returns to reluctantly take on the role that Wyatt Earp's heir is destined for - demon protector. Her task is to take out Revenants, the resurrected souls of the criminals who were taken down at one time by her great-grandfather. 

Bleeding Art Industries (BAI) founder and co-owner Leo Wieser recently helmed the mechanical special effects and the BAI shop did the prosthetics and the bloods (for the humans and the Revenants!) for the series. 

One of the key factors that differentiates us from other suppliers is that we actively research, develop, and use the products we're selling to you. The Bleeding Art Industries branded products you see here have been developed and tweaked through years of experience. We not only use these on set, but we work closely with make-up and wardrobe departments to make sure the colours are matching, and the consistency is what it needs to be for the different applications. We listen to what the make-up artists have to say - including the fact that those working on Wynonna were using our mouth blood for lots of different applications because they really liked the colour and consistency of it (the yummy candy-apple flavour doesn't hurt though) - whether it was used in and around the mouth or not!

Another important component of our bloods is that for the most part, the vast majority love our bloods because they don't tend to stain. Although we can't guarantee that will always be the case since we can't see what it's being used on or with or how it is being cleaned up (DO NOT use baby wipes, those encourage staining because of ingredients in the wipes, just use warm soapy water), we have been told that it is a favourite blood of many because it doesn't stain. 

In addition to our bloods, we carry a line of other BAI products including slime, Get Wet (a wetting material for costumers to apply so it looks like the actor or performer is wet), bruise powder, grime, gelatins in a variety of shades, a hand-held sprayer for spraying dust, and we're close to making available another fantastic product for costumers and wardrobe departments that is currently in the testing stages. 

All of our products are available here on the store. If you want a blood that is custom coloured or made for something specific that you're working on, please feel free to email or call us to discuss further. We've made bloods for animals (non-licking for the bears and the wolves!) and blood flops when you don't want to deal with the mess of cleaning up the liquid or blood jams. 

And if you want to watch Wynonna Earp, you can catch it on Friday nights on the SyFy Channel, on CHCH TV in Canada on Monday nights, or for purchase on iTunes. For more information on some of the other projects we've worked on, visit us at where you'll see why our tagline is WE CREATE COOL. 

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