Our favourite day of the year will be here in a few weeks and a great dress rehearsal for Halloween is the Zombie Walk, usually held in October in cities all over the world. We have everything you need to jazz up your zombie face or create your own monstrous makeup for your most realistically scary Halloween look ever. 

All our professional quality bloods, blood jam, slime, bruise powder and NEW this year, rubber glass shards in small, individual use packages are in stock now. The glass shards are great for making a gory glass stuck-in-skin wound.

But monstrous makeup isn’t all that we carry to make Halloween horrifying, have a look at our Visha Loo Bloody Bath Bombs, perfect for your Halloween Haunted House party decor - a bath tub full of blood (the fake stuff of course). Also our Tattoo Pens, the ink is alcohol-based, so it is water and sweat and rub-resistant perfect for maintaining an effect for hours.

Follow us on Facebook to get notice of Flash Sales and other Halloween surprise promotions. Order online at www.shopbleedingart.com or call 403-236-0025 if you have questions.

In Calgary you can now find our most popular products at The Costume Shoppe and Chuckles. In Edmonton you can check us out at Theatre Garage. We’re also now in Vancouver at Just Imagine Fun Clothing.

We’re very pleased to announce that 10% of all our blood sales revenue 

during the month of October will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.


COLOUR ME DIRTY – We’re almost set to launch our own line of colouring sticks for aging and distressing fabric. Test packs were sent to several top level costume pros working in film and theatre in Canada and the U.S. and the reviews are extremely positive. We’ll announce on Facebook when COLOUR ME DIRTY is in stock on our website and in our store.

We love to hear from you – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and email us anytime at info@bleedingartindustries.com. And if you're using our blood or other products for Halloween, feel free to post photos on our social media sites with the hashtag #bleedart.

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