Is this as hot as it's going to get this summer?! (or 6 fun things you can do with rubber ice cubes)

Is this as hot as it's going to get this summer?! (or 6 fun things you can do with rubber ice cubes)

How can it possibly be mid-August already? For those of us located in Alberta, it's been a bizarre summer with lots of torrential rain and evening thunderstorms. As we're in denial about fall, already hoping we can get away at Christmas, but still wondering what the heck happened to summer, we thought we'd have a wee sale celebrating both summer and winter. So, here it is.

Either online or at our retail location, with a minimum purchase of $50, you can get 20% off the following items, only until the end of August or while supplies last:


A dozen of our rubber cubes usually sell for $35.95. On sale now for $28.00. 


  1. Fake an ice bucket challenge: rubber ice cubes and warm water means you're always up to the challenge. 
  2. Prank your friends with cubes in their drinks that never melt. 
  3. Float them in your gold fish bowl – tell your guests your gold fish loves ice cubes. 
  4. Make a naughty ice fob for your rear view mirror with 2 rubber cubes and a plastic icicle (we have those in stock too). 
  5. Put several in a glass or silver bowl for a campy chic never-melt accent piece. 
  6. Float a bunch in your wading pool and invite the neighbours over for a cool dip.


Yes, unfortunately winter is coming. Hopefully, not before our September 16th Beakerhead event; that would be a drag. But given our wacky weather of late, it might be a good idea to stock up early. This 20% off discount applies to all the warmers we have in stock.



Crystal Frost creates unique ice patterns on glass and smooth surfaces.


What holiday gets here before you know it?? Christmas, of course or as we call it Krampus. Holiday spray snow flocking is one of the best of the quick and easy tools to add winter elements to your decoration, Holiday snow creates the authentic snow flocked look on Christmas trees, wreaths and evergreen products.

If you order online, use coupon code hotcoldsale to get your 20% discount. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

* prices subject to change without notice. Discount offer valid until August 31, 2016. Discount does not include shipping costs, taxes or brokerage fees if ordering outside Canada.

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