Spring is here and the Pros-Aide has arrived!

It's a beautiful, warmer-than-balmy 30 degrees here today. It wasn't that many weeks ago that snow was still sprinkling the ground and we were waking up to frost-covered roof tops. It's scary how fast those sub-zero temperatures arrive, until - after the lovely respite - they hit us again far too soon.

Some of our products - like the Pros-Aide line - can only be shipped when the temperatures are a bit above the freezing mark. We need to make sure we're well stocked in the fall and again in the springtime so customers can stock up when needed and don't run out when the freezing temperatures have us hunkered down and cocooning for the season. 

When I ordered our spring shipment to stock up on more Remover and Original Adhesive, I decided to bring in some of the Pros-Aide Cream as well. I had a couple of customers who had been asking me for months (during the cold ones unfortunately) to bring it in. If you haven't tried the Pros-Aide Cream you might want to check it out. It comes in a 6 oz jar, is nice and thick, works great for filling in those gaps in appliances, to make scars or textures in molds, or to do repairs. And it doesn't contain any artificial fillers. If you don't want to travel with liquids or prefer a cream in your kit instead of the liquid, the cream version of Pros-Aide Original is perfect.

I know it's still spring but I've already made a note to make sure we get more of the Pros-Aide in before the leaves fall and the snow flies in - gulp - a few short months. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

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