More cosmetic containers - and more reasons to recycle and reuse!

More cosmetic containers - and more reasons to recycle and reuse!

We recently added a whole whack of beautiful (and yes, even cute) new cosmetic containers to our store. For make-up artists or anyone who likes carrying around small amounts of their favourite make-up, this is the place for you. 

But I have to tell you that it makes me cringe when I see how many of our containers are plastic. And although we've had a bit of an ad hoc return policy in place for a while now, no one has taken us up on it! I know when it comes to some make-up there may be justifiable concerns with contamination. Any and every container that comes back to us will be washed thoroughly and sterilized before being reused. 

You're not only doing good for the environment by keeping plastics out of the landfills, but you also get an additional discount on any future purchases at our store. If you're ordering from out of town, I know that might be tricky and expensive for you to do, so this option may be more of interest to people who pick their items up at our bricks and mortar store. Either way, if you buy our containers please keep refilling them or find another use - don't throw them out! 

This is new for us so keep me posted on how you think it's working - or if you have any advice on how to make it better.  -Becky

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