Thanks for your support this year!

Thanks for your support this year!

For us the end of the year is always a time of reflection on the past twelve months.

While many new businesses popped up, many had to shut their doors. It's been an ongoing trial as people and businesses are pushed to their limits.

We have two messages this year:

The first is thank you so much for your support; as a company with a number of revenue streams including this online store - and with government support programs for small businesses - we were able to weather the storm.

Secondly, remember when you're making purchases from the smaller independent stores that you're keeping a small business alive. We're not big box stores owned by millionaires, and we also can't compete with those stores on price. Pay a bit extra and know that your neighbour or family member can continue in business one more day. 

All the best over the holidays and in the new year.

-Bleeding Art Industries

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