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Bleeding Art Industries

Balsa Wood Sheets, Beams, and Planks

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¥3,570.00 CNY
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¥3,166.00 CNY
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¥3,570.00 CNY

PRICE INCREASE: As of September 2022, we received another price increase from our supplier. What we have in stock will be sold at the old pricing and any new orders will be at the new price as indicated.

Our laminated balsa is a super light wood used extensively by special effects, construction and art departments on film sets worldwide for breakaway and set building. Our standard balsa sheets are 3/4" x 4' x 8' (weight is 21 lbs per sheet); other widths can be special ordered as can additional sizes of the planks and beams. Contact directly for options. 

* Shipping will be calculated manually due to oversize dimensions