We manufacture and sell only the best, high quality, industry standard supplies and equipment for film, theatre, photography, cosplay, medical, and military simulations. But we're a lot more than a retailer or manufacturer. Check us out at bleedingartindustries.com or our You Tube channel to see some of the work we've done. We're a 5 star brand with worldwide kudos to back it up.

Photo credit: Melanie Rivest-Knox, FanExpoCanada

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  • The BEST Hand Sanitizer

    I am loath to use any other hand sanitizer now; it's usually stinky, sticky, and makes my hands incredibly dry and itchy. I know I'm biased, but the Precidium hand sanitizer we sell is the best sanitizer I have come across. It doesn't have any of the qualities I mention above. It's fragrance-free, soft, and has over 63% isopropyl alcohol. I use it regularly and it never dries out my hands.

  • Wardrobe Aging Waxes

    We now have 9 shades of Colour Me Dirty breakdown/aging waxes. These popular waxes are being used worldwide by costume breakdown professionals, set dec artists, and props people. They like the good range of shades, the softer wax than other brands available, and the easy to apply containers. If you haven't already tried them, check them out!

  • Bruise Powder

    What's the easiest, fastest, most efficient way to create fake bruises? Using our bruise powder of course. Sprinkle a miniscule amount onto the skin and gently rub it to get a mottled effect. A little goes a very long away and it's super easy to remove with soap and water. Our 5 gram containers also have a sifter lid so you can control the amount of powder coming out.

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