Making it work in the COVID-19 era

Making it work in the COVID-19 era

I think we're all exhausted by COVID everything right now. It has been an incredibly stressful and uncertain time for many around the world. I personally feel for so many of my fellow business owners who have either had to shut down or have faced, like us, a dramatic drop in revenue as people stay home or they've been forced to keep their doors closed.

Although I'm grateful that at least in our neck of the woods restrictions are loosening up a bit, it is still not a time to relax the cleaning and safety protocols we've been practicing. The virus is still with us and will be until a vaccine is found.

We were approached by one of our suppliers early on to carry the hand sanitizer they were fast-tracked by the government to produce, so that is the chief safety product we are carrying. If you're making your own, we also have 70 and 99% alcohol in stock.

Other items we're carrying - although the brand, pricing and availability is changing by the minute - are gloves, face masks, and hand-held thermometers. You may not find all of these here on the store given the fast changes so just shoot me an email if you are interested in receiving a quote. 

In non-COVID news (yay!), we just got our post-winter stock of liquid latex in. I know lots of people have been taking the time to play with some materials and work on their techniques during the pandemic so if you want to stock up on it, and a bit of blood or other cool products we have, we'd love to send some to you. And, we're now carrying easily redeemable gift cards - a great self-care gift to yourself or to that someone who is so hard to buy for.

Any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. And remember that if you're posting pics of our products in action, tag us. We're on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Take care and be healthy and safe.



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