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Third Degree

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3rd Degree is a versatile product that can be used to resurface skin, create small out-of-kit effects, or be poured into molds. It can be thinned with 99% Alcohol to blend into the skin. This original 3rd Degree product is a thick, two-part (Part A and Part B), medical grade, silicone gel. When you mix equal Parts of A and B together you can sculpt it into any shape. With 3rd Degree you can make the edges of your piece virtually undetectable and it is great for creating super thin, small prosthetics. You can also use 3rd Degree for build ups by incorporating different materials like embedding tissue or gauze. A few tips on using 3rd Degree: -plan out what you're going to do as the product cures in roughly 5 minutes so you need to work quickly -be careful not to cross-contaminate; when Part A and Part B touch, they start to cure -if colouring with alcohol-based paint, don’t use too much alcohol as it may lift the piece -don’t use latex gloves, latex sponges, or sulfur clay as they will interfere with the curing process Have fun!