Diffusion-In-A-Can Fog Spray

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A great alternative to fog or haze machines, use Diffusion Cloud in a Can as a lighting tool when you don't need the output of a large fog machine, or if you just want some portability. Hangs in the air for a long time and a single can should fill a standard sized room several times. Spray into the air for a few seconds. Diffusion Cloud in a Can hangs in the atmosphere, causing a glow around light sources. For a more defined light beam, spray some more. Diffusion Cloud in a Can is safe. Product composition meets EPA standards and is both tasteless and odorless. Will not harm most surfaces or equipment. Contains no fluorocarbons, uses Propane and Butane as propellants. We're no longer stocking this item and have only a few cans left to sell!*Please note that due to shipping restrictions this product can only be shipped via ground, all other options will not be available during checkout.