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  • FR31 Fire Retardant
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FR31 Fire Retardant

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*note that a spray bottle/nozzle is not included 

50% OFF SALE FR31 Fire Retardant is highly effective for most fabric (both natural and synthetic), as well as on cardboard and paper. Additional info:

When testing, the FR31 must be able to penetrate the material it is being applied to. Some synthetic fibers such as nylon for instance, do not allow penetration and the FR31 will bead or sit on top of the fabric. The FR31 would be unable to increase fire retardancy and the nylon would quickly melt or burn. If the FR31 does penetrate the material, then you can do your own burn test by applying a flame. It should be fire resistant and when the flame is removed any burning activity on the material should stop immediately.

Does not substantially affect the appearance or feel of the fabric if properly applied. The fabric remains soft and pliable.

Since FR31 is water soluble it can be washed out of both textiles and materials. Re-treat after laundering.

Apply by spraying, padding or immersion.

Colourless, odourless, ready-to-use liquid form is an aqueous solution of inorganic salts. It is colourless and has a slight odour of ammonia in solution but is odourless when dry.

Is chemically neutral or slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.0 to 8.0.

Addition of a sealant is required to protect the Fire Retardant from leaching if exposed to water.

Technical Data and PropertiesAppearance/Odour Colourless free flowing liquid/slight ammonia odour. Specific Gravity 8.65 lbs/USG or 1.04 g/mL Solids by Weight 20% pH 7.0-8.0. Dry time dependent upon fabric type and thickness Coverage 1 to 1 (1:1) - i.e.: one pound of solution for one pound of fabric. Boiling Point not available.

Storage: store in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight. Keep from freezing, above 32° F (0°C). Properties do not change if it freezes, just let it thaw, although preference is to not let it freeze because of potential container breakage.

Note: FR31 is an aqueous solution of inorganic salts, chemically neutral or slightly alkaline with a pH value of 7.0-8.0. It has very low toxicology, but should be kept out of the reach of children. Read MSDS for detailed precautions.

Application Instructions: Hazard Class FR31 is not subject to WHMIS Regulations, nor is it regulated by Transportation of Dangerous Goods. FR31 can be applied by spraying, coating or immersing a fabric at any point in the manufacturing process. Do not dilute or mix with other products. Check the fabric for colour-fastness before starting the treatment. Distribute solution evenly across the entire surface, ensuring that solution does not flow or drip to the extremes whenever possible. Dry on a horizontal drying rack, at moderate temperature (between 70° and 175° F) for optimal results. Tumble dry fabric in a warm dryer, (maximum temperature should not exceed 175° F). Iron fabric using a warm iron (maximum temperature 200° F). Iron a small area first, to ensure the colour is not affected. To spray SafeCoat FR31, use a hand held or back pack pressurized spray container with an atomizer nozzle. Filter the solution into the tank to keep out any solids that may plug the nozzle. With daily use, the sprayer must be flushed out with clean warm water. Coverage rate: The required quantity depends on the absorbency of the material, its inherent flammability and its overall weight. As a rough guide: the maximum amount of FR31 required is proportional to the original weight of the material to be treated (80 to 100%). i.e.: if the dry fabric starts out weighing 1 kg, then it should pick up between 0.8 to 1 kg of solution during treatment and retain an additional net added weight of 73 g to 91 g after drying.

Fabric Cleaning and Care Instructions: Detergents and water or shampooing (i.e.: of drapes, carpets, etc.) will remove FR31 and re-application will be necessary. Re-treat after laundering.