High Density (HD) Black Foam

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Our high density black foam has a 3 lb density and comes in two sizes*: 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 19 5/8" and 1/4" x 19 5/8" x 39 3/8" *if there is enough demand, we will also bring in 1/4" x 9 3/4" x 19 5/8" and 1/2" x 19 5/8" x 39 3/8", so let us know if you're interested! This foam is a strong and resilient closed‐cell foam, ideally suited as a shock‐absorbing material in packaging and padding, and is a popular material for cosplayers and larpers to make a wide variety of props and costume pieces. It can go under Worbla or Thibra as the base. Wardrobe departments, Props departments, and others working in the film industry and in theatre or other live productions find this material a good one to work with. There is no vinyl in this foam, so no need to worry about gases being released when the foam is cut. Note: additional shipping charges may apply due to shape and size of foam