Jewellery Box from Skeleton Girl

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Skeleton Girl is our first film - a 3D stop motion animation and Canada's FIRST stereoscopic 3D and stop motion animated film. It won Best First 3D Film at its premiere in New York, was selected as one of the top short films in Canada in 2013 (CBC Short Film Face Off), and it toured to festivals around the world from San Diego Comic Con to A Night of Horror. For more info on Skeleton Girl and the follow-up to that film called Mary and The Looking Glass (which is still in development) visit our website at You can also purchase the film by buying a Collector's Edition Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack right here on our store. It includes the 2D film, 3D trailer (and anaglyph glasses to watch it!) and an exclusive behind the scenes feature that is not available anywhere else. Below is the 2D trailer. In an effort to make more of these animations and to recoup the costs of making them, we're selling props like the one you see here. As such, they aren't priced really low as they are one of a kind items - most custom made for the shoot. We know many people love movie memorabilia and to help support creative types like us who are trying to make more entertaining and high quality films and other creative content for people like you to watch. If you see (or have seen) Skeleton Girl and want a piece of the film, it's right here in the form of a few of our props. Thanks for visiting and for supporting our work!