Little Blizzard Snow Fluid - Super Extra Dry

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Now you can control the perfect size snowflakes and have them float until they evaporate. When used as directed, Little Blizzard® Snow Fluid leaves no residue or mess to clean up. The snow gently floats longer than ever, yet evaporates magically as soon as it touches anything.The Little Blizzard Super Extra Dry Snow Fluid produces very dry snowflakes that float over long distances. Water content evaporates leaving a beautiful falling flake that is dry when you touch it and disappears after contact. The snowflakes can travel up to 50 to 70' (15 to 21m) depending on the environment and air flow. Placing a small fan close up will accelerate the drying time and distance the flakes travel. This fluid is suitable for indoor use where dry snowflakes are necessary without any residue or mess. 1 gallon (4L) lasts approximately 1 hour at continuous output.