Person-eating puppet couch

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AS IS (needs some mending as a result of an over excited and intoxicated audience member jumping on stage and onto the couch after a performance). Not your typical piece of furniture. This lovely couch was torn apart and rebuilt to devour people for One Hit Die's Season 3 The Devouring Dungeon. Place this in your fun-house or haunted house and surprise guests as guests try to sit down (it is NOT meant to be sat on or it will break as the innards aren't there any more to support someone's weight). Dimensions are approximately 6'6" x 4' x 3' (length x height x depth). 

It was also most recently used in the Festival of Animated Objects and Calgary Animated Objects Dolly Wiggler Cabaret. Check out this fun behind the scenes video of it in action by copying and pasting this link into your browser.

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