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  • Movie Paint Temporary Spray
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Movie Paint Temporary Spray

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Note: additional shipping charges may apply due to flammable aerosol.

Movie Paint is a non-permanent aerosol spray paint that washes easily off any non-porous surface with warm soapy water. A unique line of aging spray products. You can turn bright shiny metals to dull and tarnished, new wood to centuries old, and photos just taken or documents just written to archival quality. These products create totally believable effects both on and off camera. The sprays are amazing tools that prop masters, special effect technicians and production artists use to temporarily paint, dirty, age or just add character to almost anything. Use on rented or valuable props to be able to return them to their original condition, make newly constructed sets look like they've been around awhile. 

Application:  No CO2 bottle, compressor or spray gun required! The cans have high quality fan tips which allow the paint to come out in a fan pattern similar to a spray gun, allowing more even color coating than a round spray pattern. Movie Paint formulas have a better suspension of pigment resulting in a more even color distribution than other removable sprays. Each of the Movie Paint formulas are translucent which allows you to choose your density or age of the effect by controlling the number of passes. Each spray can contains 11oz. (312g)


Dirt: a cool brown or raw umber translucent colour to simulate age

Nicotine: A dusky yellow or raw sienna translucent colour to simulate an older, more tobacco coated age

Black: like Krylon ultra black, but more translucent

Brown Rust: A burnt umber and raw sienna mix simulating typical rust on lighter coloured surfaces

Red Rust: A burnt sienna and raw sienna mix that looks best on darker surfaces, such as black pipe