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MUSST Brush Cleaner

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50% OFF SALE MUSST BRUSH CLEANER is very effective for cleaning synthetic and natural bristle brushes. It will remove all colour residues, even the most stubborn. Its Eucalyptus oil will revitalize the hair and it has the property to dry very quickly, you will be able to reuse the brushes between each make-up. Canadian made.
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan Formulation
  • Dries quickly
  • 100% Cruelty free
  • Waterless

There's a new addition to the family, the refill pouch in 32oz (946ml). This type of refill was in great demand and is designed to fill the empty 32 oz bottle. The advantages of the refill pouch are:

-they are lightweight products, their production will emit fewer harmful substances into the environment, less manufacturing waste will be generated and the carbon footprint during transportation is also reduced; and 

-in comparison to rigid plastic bottles, pouches significantly less plastic, meaning they require fewer natural resources to produce.

MUSST BRUSH CLEANER PRO. A High-Performance rinse free makeup brush cleanser for high-pigmented and SPFX products and it’s also alcohol free. Suggested Usage: Rotate while spraying to reach all sides. Wipe clean on absorbent paper towel or cloth, repeat if necessary. Shape brush bristles and allow to air dry for a few seconds. Warning: Flammable - Keep away from open flame - Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes - Use with adequate ventilation – Keep out of reach of children - Do not swallow. If swallowed do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention. No rinse - Waterless - Quick-dry - Cruelty Free – Vegan – Alcohol Free

MUSST CHARCOAL SOLID SOAP FOR BRUSHES + SPONGES. The emollient formula quickly dissolves impurities and make-up, even the most stubborn foundation and pigment stains. It cleans, conditions and sanitizes your brushes and sponges. Directions: Wet the soap and your brush or sponge. Rub your brush or sponge on the soap to form a foam. For brushes and sponges stained with foundation or pigmented products, repeat these steps 2-3 times to remove all traces. Rinse thoroughly and gently wring out the brush or sponge repeat if necessary, to ensure all traces of soap are gone. Place them flat to dry. After use, lightly rinse the top of the soap. Leave the lid off to allow the soap to dry. Cruelty Free – Vegan – Detergent Free.