MUSST Charcoal Solid Soap for Brushes and Sponges

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The emollient formula of Musst charcoal soap quickly dissolves impurities and make-up, even the most stubborn foundation and pigment stains. It cleans, conditions and sanitizes your brushes and sponges. Cruelty Free – Vegan – Detergent Free

Suggested use:

Wet the soap and your brush or sponge. Rub your brush or sponge on the soap to form a foam. For brushes and sponges stained with foundation or pigmented products, repeat these steps 2-3 times to remove all traces. Rinse thoroughly and gently wring out the brush or sponge repeat if necessary, to ensure all traces of soap are gone. Place them flat to dry. After use, lightly rinse the top of the soap. Leave the lid off to allow the soap to dry.