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Petronio's Rubber Cement

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$87.99 CAD
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$83.00 CAD
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$87.99 CAD

Recognized by its distinctive gold, brown and red can with the famous Lion logo, this is the best adhesive out there. In addition to use by SPFX practitioners in the film industry, #8 Rubber Cement has retained its popularity in the orthopedic field and is used by shoe repairers to make inside the shoe repairs. #8 Rubber Cement has also gained popularity in the sporting goods industry. Many sports equipment manufacturers use this quick drying, colorless adhesive in the manufacturing of equipment such as golf clubs and tennis racquets.

  • Excellent product used inside the shoe
  • Great for orthopedic applications
  • Quick drying
  • Clear adhesive
  • Available in quart and gallon size

Additional shipping charges may apply; ships ground as Hazardous Materials.