Pico Resin Shards per lb

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We carry different types of breakaway glass including those made from a pico resin as well as rubber glass. Glass for special effects purposes comes in shards or flats. Breakaway glass is also known as candy, sugar or stunt glass, and is used in film, TV, and the performing arts. Our pico resin shards are intended for set dressing or injury makeup use only. If you want further information for re-use of pico glass, please read Thurston Jame's book on Molding and Casting. This book is a fantastic resource for props builder or you can always order items from us. We have an extensive network of breakaway glass manufacturers that we represent. The glass shards we sell can be remelted and used again (recycled) however this not something for the new or inexperienced and it is not our intent. Creation of pico resin breakaway glass is very time consuming, requiring a high degree of skill in molding and casting. *Please note that it is the buyer's responsibility to determine processes and procedures should they attempt to use the shards for purposes other than set decoration. This is for professional use only and instructions are not provided with the purchase of the product.