REEL Blue Aqua Sealer

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REEL Blue Aqua Sealer is a water-based cosmetic sealer for all of your makeup sealing requirements such as sealing REEL Body Art Inks, makeup applications, airbrushed makeup, alcohol activated makeup, prosthetics, you name it. It can used as a wetting agent for cake makeup products. It's also great to use as a skin barrier agent before applying all kinds of makeup. Great to use for character makeup work.A light spray is usually all that is necessary, however you may add one more coat if you feel it is necessary. Because this is a water-based product, avoid multiple coats so that you don't have the possibility of a "wrinkling" effect. This sealer is waterproof and oil resistant.Blue Aqua Sealer is a little slower in drying than alcohol-based sealers, therefore make sure the layer is completely dry before proceeding to the next step in your makeup application. Makeup can also be used over the sealer, or powder over it after it's been applied on body art (such as temporary tattoos) to make the body art look like it is under the skin surface. This product contains a matting agent to create a satin finish, however if you feel it is too much sheen you can add a small amount of Cab-O-Sil to take it down. Shake well before using. After using turn container upside down and spray to clear product out of the sprayer to prevent clogging in future use.