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Skeleton Girl is the story of Millicent, a small orphan girl who lives in a land of make-believe and her overactive imagination. One day as she goes for a walk in the woods, Millicent comes upon an abandoned cemetery where she takes a valuable gem from one of the gravestones. That night, during a spectacular thunderstorm, she begins to hear the tapping of bony fingers, and soon a cacophony of noises and images play out on the walls of her room. As a skeleton pays a visit to retrieve what is rightfully hers, Millicent soon discovers why it isn’t a good idea to steal from the dead. Skeleton Girl is a stop motion animated 6 minute, 54 second short film created by the people behind the award-winning company Bleeding Art Industries. Their first film, it won Best First 3D Film at its New York premiere at Be Film The Underground Film Festival, it was selected as one of the top short films in Canada (CBC Short Film Face Off 2013), and toured to film festivals around the world. It is also Canada's first native 3D stop motion animated film (Coraline was the world's first feature). Shot in stereoscopic 3D, it has garnered kudos by all who see it. " was obvious right off the first few frames that we were in the hands of a master." - CBC Short Film Face Off judge Kellie Ann Benz "...a creative and technical accomplishment." - Dimitris Athos, Be Film Program Director and 3D SpecialistWhat have audience members said about Skeleton Girl? "Love it! Can't wait to see the next one." "The attention to detail in the props and sets was astounding. Well done!" "Very impressive...look forward to longer and more involved stories." "I would have loved to see it two to three times more to catch more elements. So much to see and hear and feel!"You can also purchase the Skeleton Girl Collector’s Edition DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack here which includes the 2D film (in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats), 3D trailer, an exclusive behind the scenes feature (this has been seen in one place only and will not be released publicly), anaglyph glasses (to watch the 3D trailer), a Skeleton Girl button, and a background insert about Skeleton Girl and the Twisted Tales for Demented Children anthology. For more information on Skeleton Girl and the next film in the Twisted Tales anthology - Mary and The Looking Glass - visit Here's the Skeleton Girl trailer: The digital download is 413.12 MB in size and is in an MP4 format. Once purchased, you will receive a link to download the movie one time. As artists and filmmakers who attach value to the work we do, we ask that you not repost or distribute the movie to others. We would like to recoup some if not all of the costs that went into the making of the movie and when you distribute it for free to others that minimizes our ability to do that, which ultimately means we have less or no money in future to make more of these films. You get the point. Hope you enjoy it and please send us your comments and post reviews here.