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DynaPlast T-1 (Ultracal 30 equivalent) 5 lbs

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DynaPlast is a good general purpose tooling plaster. It has good plasticity and can be easily re-tempered with water to extend the material's open time. It is strong and has low expansion. T-1 applications include but are not limited to models, case molds and mold backup. 

Typical Physical Properties:

Set-time 20-30 minutes

Use consistency 38-42cc/100 grams

Expansion (max) 0.085%

Compressive strength 6,000 psi

Dry density 103.15 pcf

Mixing Recommendations:

Hand-mix: sift plaster into water and let soak for 1 minute using a 38-42 use consistency. Mix for no more than 2 minutes.

Machine-mix: sift plaster with water and let soak for 1 minute using a 46 use consistency. Machine mix no more than 2 minutes.

Over mixing can reduce working time, decrease strength and increase expansion. Using a slightly higher use consistency (43-46 cc) when machine mixing will help compensate for the additional mix energy being imparted into the slurry. If a lower use consistency is used when machine mixing, reduce the mixing time and decrease the rpm of the mixer if possible.