Blood Flop

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Our blood flops are ideal when you're either filming at a location where you cannot use liquid blood, or you simply need the no-mess kind for expediency. Perfect for military or medical training simulations when you need a realistic looking blood puddle but need to set up or clean up quickly. Available in three different sizes - small (approx 4"-8"), medium (approx 10"-12") and large (approx 14"17") and in varying shapes (these are hand made in our shop so no two blood flops will be exactly the same). Shades are bright (looks quite orange and is ideal for live on stage performances so the blood really shows up), regular (not bright but also not as dark as the dark), and dark (the darkest blood flop - more of an aged colour of blood). These can be wiped down with warm water or baby wipes.

Made in Canada.