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  • Flocking Fibers
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Flock It!

Flocking Fibers

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50% OFF EVERYTHING! Our rayon fibers are Suede-Tex fibers. Flocking is an additional colour additive made from very fine fibers. This product is suitable to simulate a natural skin complexion or other effects. Add a little amount of Flocking into Artex, Gel-Foam or other transparent or semi-transparent carriers in order to create fine veining of the skin. Flocking is the application of millions of tiny fibers onto an adhesive coated surface to create a velvet-like texture. Flocking also has many decorative and functional applications. Trending now is to flock your nails. Simply find a colour of nail polish that is close to the colour of the flocking, paint one nail at a time, sprinkle a bit of flocking on the nail, blow the excess off, and you have a cool and unique soft and velvety nail! Put any excess fibers back into the bag or container for future use. You can still wash your hands as normal, just don't do any heavy scrubbing of the nails or the flocking will not last as long.